A sincere thank you to our members.

Because of the success we were able to accomplish in 2019 we are giving back to those who we couldn’t do anything without, our members.

  • Each primary member in 2019 who still is with us today will receive:
    • $5 for 1-10 years of membership
    • $10 for 11 – 20 years
    • $15 for 21-30 years
    • $20 for 31-40 years
    • $25 for 41-50 years
    • $30 for 50+ years
  • Each member with an active debit card will receive $5
  • Each member who paid interest on their loans in 2019 will receive 1% back

Our total 2019 Member Appreciation Bonus for our members: OVER $82,000.00

*Primary members are referred to as the main account holder and will receive one length of membership bonus, regardless of how many accounts they have with us. Membership had to be established by December 31, 2019 and still be a member with us. An active debit card is defined as a member using their card for a purchase at least five times during the months of October, November, and December 2019. Members with loans will receive 1% of the interest they paid in 2019 on all loans they have with us. Bonuses will not be paid to any member who caused the credit union a loss. If a member has multiple accounts with us, their bonus will be paid to the savings account with the lowest account number. Bonus is a one-time membership payout for the success our members helped us achieve in 2019. Thank you for your loyalty and support.