Whether you are buying your first home, a new car, or just need some extra cash for that big purchase, Corry Federal Credit Union has a loan to fit your needs.

  • Vehicle Loans
    We offer vehicle loans for new and used automobiles including motorcycles.
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans
    Recreational vehicle loans include boats, tractors, RV's, ATV's, jet skis, and any other similar items that have legal titles.
  • Signature Loans
    Signature loans, or personal loans, are available for smaller dollar amounts to fund purchases that members would not otherwise be able to make.
  • Share Secured Loans
    An alternative to a signature loan, shared secured loans are offered at a lower rate when you have the assets in your shares (accounts) to cover the balance of your loan.
  • Mortgage Loans
    We offer several different types of mortgage loans to service your specific needs:
  • Student Loans
    We offer a couple option for student loans and are happy to help our youth members finance their college goals. Learn more about student loans .
  • Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance
    Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance is available for any loan made through the credit union as long as the member is under the age of 70. This Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance helps to pay off your loan in the event that something happens to you or your loan collateral.

We strive to offer our members attractive loan rates, these rates are based on the loan type, term, and the borrower's credit score. We also offer many easy payment options such as automatic withdraw or direct deposit. If you have any questions about our loan products or the current rates stop in and talk to one of our knowledgeable loan officers.